gRegorLove little g big R

Come to IUPUI, be uber cool!

gRegorThe1: is it just me, or does the picture on the front of IUPUI's home page crack you up?

SuperShroomGirl: hmm

gRegorThe1: it's like the guy in the middle is ubercool guy

gRegorThe1: “Ah, college is grand.. everyone worships me”

SuperShroomGirl: lol

SuperShroomGirl: the asian guy?

gRegorThe1: yeah

SuperShroomGirl: heh

SuperShroomGirl: that's funny

gRegorThe1: and the guy on the left secretly despises him.

gRegorThe1: he's got a fake smile on

gRegorThe1: “heh, fun times. DIE!”

SuperShroomGirl: that's hilarious

gRegorThe1: mm hmm, think I just got some new weblog material.

SuperShroomGirl: :-)

gRegorThe1: dont mind if I use your aim name, eh?

SuperShroomGirl: nah, that's ok

SuperShroomGirl: i feel honored to be mentioned :-D

SuperShroomGirl: you should include that part too :-)

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gwyneth gwyneth
yeah the girl on the right is in cahoots w/ hater-boy. and the girl on asian-guy's left is w/ asian guy...she's rubbing left-side guy's uncoolness in his face by pretending she accepts him.

former iupui student former iupui student
That's hilarious! It's like saying, “go to IUPUI and the chicks will dig you” or something. Yeah, whatever.

BurnDark BurnDark
That is funny.

And too damn freaky.

ron ron
I remember in high school a friend of mine for kicks wrote a song about a person going to iupui and gets laid...“iupui bing bang a yadda yadda bing bang.”

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