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Geeky Protest

Whatever your stance on Bush, Kerry, or any of the other candidates may be, this protest picture is awesomely funny.

If you aren't a (computer) geek or even slightly (computer) geek literate and need an explanation:

In HTML there are start tags and end tags for different portions of the website.

For example, <body> starts the body portion and </body> ends the body portion.

So the sign basically means “end Bush”


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granpaturtle granpaturtle
OH MY GOD! that was great, &lt;/bush&gt; indeed. man, i can't believe how great that is. i love being a geek and geeks in general.

and i also love gregor, but only in the hopes that i will get special forum privlages :)

BlackWolf BlackWolf
umm while it was entertaining, it wasn't great. Someone should ask the protester if he knows what he is protesting against. See if his geekdom can back his sign.

Anyway it was quite amusing.

And I know this is unoriginal but I will go with &lt;/kerry&gt; anyway.


gwyneth gwyneth
thank you for the html tutorial. cos i am NOT a geek.
ok, DANGIT...i DID get it. but i am not really proud of it.
i'm tired and am largely incoherent.

ron ron
actually you should specify as to what kind of geek you are. It's like being a christian and belonging to a different denomination than somebody next you.
For instance, I am a star trek geek, as well as a literary geek.

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