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Well it looks rather likely that I will dropping my classes this semester - not in order to become a college dropout, but due to financial issues as well as a conflict between sleep and classes. Normally I have a scholarship that as soon as I register my classes are paid for, however this semester that did not happen for whatever reason, and I got a bill for $1600 a couple weeks ago. I can't really afford that, and my scholarship still hasn't gone through. I've yet to hear back from Financial Aid or the Scholarship office. Maybe it's because I'm going part-time, or maybe it's because I'm no longer eligible. Either way, I can't really afford it, plus I've had a real hard time getting up in time for my classes. So it looks like I might just be working this semester, dropping FedEx in the Spring and finishing up then. We'll see. I'm pretty apathetic about school honestly, and feel like such a slacker lately, which annoys me. :-/

Crap, there was something “good” that I was planning on writing about too, to balance out that first crap-for-a-paragraph, but now I can't even remember it. Getting old sucks.

I remember now. I'm going to California!

I got the time off work and a pretty darn good deal on tickets, so I'll be in Cali from October 22 - 25 visiting several people; karla, ryan, rachel and her husband brian, gee win, heidi (if she ever gets her butt in gear and emails me back), patrick, and elizabeth.

It should be fun. I really love California, and I haven't seen most of these people in several years. Heidi and Elizabeth I only know through xanga and other friends, so it will be interesting meeting them. It should prove to be a nice mini-vacation, particularly if I'm not taking classes at the time.

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has it really been several years? hmmm.
i suppose 1.75 at least.

gwyneth gwyneth
oh yes, and major crapfulness about classes...ugh.

cora_lynn cora_lynn
you should find Piet, too!

g. g.
sunglasses belonged to di.
telephone booth: nice one.
i don't get the mike wazowsky thing?
i don't really know if i like chevelle yet. just got 'em. got 'em cos it was $.99 and why not?

Sheryl Sheryl
Uh... did you not get the news about IUPUI not doing washouts this semester? Fin aid is all screwed up, remember? That's why your scholarship is all messed up. It'll be straightened out eventually, so if that's the main reason you're dropping out... don't.

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