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DSL Weight Watchers Who Like Funny Pictures and Roper

Well folks, it looks like I will be joining the high speed revolution. Yes, I'm getting DSL at the end of the month. Let's hope it doesn't suck.

Hungry? On a diet? Check out these Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974. Oh yes. I particularly liked Polynesian Snack and Inspiration Soup.

I now have a more recent self-picture, and it's one of my favorites (for serious). It's a video still, so props to boyd for pulling that one out and also doing a good jorb on the fontology.

If you're anywhere in the central Indiana area, you should come to the “Ken-ya Spare A Dollar Tour” featuring Roper on October 8th. Roper is Reese Roper's (formerly of Five Iron Frenzy) new band. They sound pretty good, and no they're not ska in case you were wondering. There's some clips on their website. Tickets are $6 and there are three other bands playing: Wolfy, Crimpson Fallout, and Andrew Can't Skate. The name of the tour comes from the fact that they're asking people to donate a dollar to go towards the children's rescue center in Kenya. On Five Iron's farewell tour they took donations for this rescue center; they were expecting maybe $40,000 for the whole tour, but ended up with $48,000, which enabled them to get some more land and build dorms for more children.

So it should be a good show (I just heard Wolfy last week and they're awesome; good piano-rock) and there's a good cause, too. Of course if you're not in the area, they are touring in other cities, just check their website.

I have a new writing up on the writings page, too. That's about all for now.

Edit: I really want to see Napolean Dynamite since it looks quite funny and I've heard nothing but good about it, yet it plays nowhere around me. Napolean taunts me. I can just hope it comes to the dollar theater soon, but who knows.

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gwyneth gwyneth
i am mad. i want to see the reesely one.
maybe today will be the day i make my faux fif sticker.

Wookienugget Wookienugget
I wanna go see Roper.
:o <
(see? i comment!)

ron ron
I think that I might be out there to go to the concert.
Yeah, I want to see Napoleon Dynamite as well.
btw have you heart that new jimmy eat world album?
suburbanites with “problems” ha ha :)

the spheric1 the spheric1
so where's it going to be?

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