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Why, Hello November

I will break with every other blogger's penchant today and not mention anything about the election. Mainly because I do not care. Yes, I did vote, so shut up. ;-]

So last Saturday was Sheryl's Halloween Party. It was rather fun. I did not have much time during the week to come up with a costume. I had a great idea to go as Hansel from Zoolander, however I don't really have any of the male modeling type clothes, or the Razor scooter (that would have been perrrrfect), so that idea didn't go anywhere. Saturday afternoon I worked, so I was trying to think of what I could do in the short time I had between work and the party. Dignan, from Bottle Rocket, came to mind - specifically when they're in the car right before they pull their first “heist”:

Bob: “What's that tape on your nose for?”

Dignan: “Exactly!”

But I realized all of three people at this party have seen it (I doubt even they would have gotten it) and they'd just think I cut my nose or something. So I didn't go with that idea. Everyone do yourselves a favor and rent Bottle Rocket if you haven't seen it. It's a great movie.

So instead I went with the last-minute idea of putting on my Gumby t-shirt and going as Gumby. If I had thought it through more, I would have put on my green pants to complete the look. When I got to Sheryl's place, she had this visor on one of her stuffed animals, and I had a bright idea. I put the visor on sideways and became “Gangsta Gumby”. Oh yes.

Peekture time.

yo yo, Gangsta Gumby in the hizouse.

Advice from a devil and an angel. Hmm. Sheryl is the devil, Seren is the angel.

We got a few pictures like this with different people in the middle. Funnay stuff.

me being angelic.

Sheryl has a bunch of pictures up if you want to take a look at the rest.

Kickin' it old school with The Echoing Green today. What are you kickin' it with lately?

but there's something strange

cause you're not the same

when you smile

  I can see the pain

  and the sadness makes me cry

your eyes

    are an open door

    to the fiction in your life

+ Science Fiction (the Echoing Green)

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joyful faith joyful faith
Hey there Gregor...

So I clicked on some blogring like “i have pooped in another country” or something because it looked funny. The first name on the list was yours and i was so surprised! Haven't talked with you in a while... Just wondering how you've been. peace.

shauna shauna
priceless .

I love how you try to look all angelic
even though youdidn't vote for bush so you're going to hell .

:D :D

ron ron
guess i'll be kickin' it with you in hell gRegor. And you know what hell is? Nonstop country music

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