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Webhosts, traveling, and forgetting your pants on the subway

Well my site is back from it's few day hiatus. Stormfusion is a pretty pathetic webhost, when it comes to customer service, at least. Monday at about 1AM MySQL (the database) crashed or something, and was down until Thursday afternoon. This did not just affect my account, but also Eisley's forum. We heard nothing from their customer support! They don't even have phone support, and did not reply to any of our emails or support tickets. Even now that it's back, we've heard nothing. It's like they are just going to ignore that it ever happened? Not cool. Bye bye, stormfusion.

I have a lot of traveling coming up, which should be pretty fun. First up is Eisley's show in Chicago on April 9th. Actually, that's tentative, because... second up is Josh Oberheide's wedding on April 10th, in St Paul. My options are go to the concert and drive straight from there (another 6 - 7 hours), or skip the concert and just drive up there on the 9th. I'm leaning towards the latter.

Then there is Nate and Emily's wedding on May 15, somewhere down there around Nash-vegas.. I think. Somewhere in TN. Hey, give me a break, they haven't sent out the invites yet, so I don't remember where it is.

I was perusing the Relevant Magazine forums and someone posted this pretty funny link about an improv group and their No Pants 2k5 (it's clean!) mission. They've done this a few years now, so for some background you should read No Pants, which has a rather hilarious transcript of the entire event.

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Amy Lynn Amy Lynn
I think you are a lego.

and I am not just a nut, I am a brazil nut

Josh Josh
Heck yeah you should skip the show and come to my wedding! :)

If you come up early I think we are doing some “guy” stuff on Saturday! I'll send your contact info to the pary man Gabe Bahlhorn...

Kathy Kathy
I haven't read anyone's weblogs lately but for some reason at 3:30 a.m. I decided to read yours. As you know normally I just skim your post and then write a comment trashing you. But today I decided to skim your post and then write a comment saying...

gRegor you are so cute!

It's now 3:33 a.m.
Magical, isn't it?

gwyneth gwyneth
well, see here's the thing...the headphones aren't handed out separately...they come in the little bag w/ the earplugs, airline socks, and eye covering thingy...and you get to keep all the rest of the stuff, sooooo...that's why i said they're possibly stolen. cos they might not be.
anyway, they're cute. they have flowers on them. :-D possibly the main benefit to flying on a polynesian airline.

gwyneth gwyneth
haha, i laughed. (at your comment)

Brandon Brandon
yo holmes, I agree... Need to hang out... absoutely... I mean, it might kill this whole Shut In Hermit Boy vibe I've got going on, but I'll chance it. *grin*

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