gRegorLove little g big R


shauna shauna
feliz navidad !

Hadassah Hadassah
happy birthday gRegorLove!

yes Room Noises is delightful... but how dare you insult waffle house by saying IHOP in the same sentence with the reference “better”...
shame on your taste buds.

Hadassah Hadassah
oops... email is wrong... not that it matters... cause it doesnt...

Pontius Pilate Pontius Pilate
Hazzah!!! Somehow, I thought you were older. — j3k

Donny BurnDarkO Donny BurnDarkO
Ahh, it was born on Venereal Disease Day. How sweet.

The Spheric1 The Spheric1
God Bless you

Pacotechguy Pacotechguy
happy birthday gRegorLove :)
hooray for the year of the 5!

Obes Obes
Ahhh... and just think... I was their for the birth of too... Are we getting old? :)

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