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The Heat Can Melt Your Brain

I'm going to be seeing Viva Voce in concert this evening. Who says Indiana doesn't get good concerts?

I think I might be slightly disappointed. Years ago I took a road trip to Madison, WI for a concert (a fun story in itself; maybe another time) and while looking at the map my friend Ronda found: Morrill, WI. So ever since, I've thought it'd be cool to go there sometime, being the town shares my last name. I was just googlapping (google mapping) for it and couldn't find it, but did find Merrill, WI. It appears Ronda just misread it; or didn't know how to spell my last name. Dang.

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gwyneth gwyneth
i think it's the latter.

also, the scrolling buttons on the bottom are annoying.

Sheryl Sheryl
There's still Morrill County, Nebraska:

cameron cameron
Yeah, put in some scroll bars, yo.

Sheryl Sheryl
Hey, you took out my comments about Morrill, Kansas and Morrill, Nebraska. :P

Sheryl Sheryl
And I agree about the scroll bars thing.

Meh, scrollbars are annoying. And clunky. It's an intermediate design, anyway.

Sheryl, I read the comment. But since you left 4, some had to go.

...lazy butts.

Everyone realizes you can hold down the scroll links, right?

amy hates mean gregor amy hates mean gregor
Gregor, I think you are lame.
You laugh at dead stars. and make fun of poor little girls like me who because of low funds have to use poor computers that do not like or agree with your lack of scroll bars.
so enjoy your life, laughing at beautiful things when they die and making fun of girls who are poor.

amy is way hotter than hot stuff amy is way hotter than hot stuff
p.s. read my headline, you are next!

James James
unique styling with your blog. i like the scroll buttons, instead of scroll bar.

James James
unique styling with your blog. i like the scroll buttons, instead of scroll bar.

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