gRegorLove little g big R

OMG, I luv ur background, g1mm3 t3h cod3z!!!111

To the non-geeks out there, one thing that web hosting providers charge for is bandwidth. If you have a 1 megabyte file that gets viewed 1,000 times, that is 1 gigabyte of bandwidth usage. There's an alloted amount of bandwidth you get per month, which will vary depending on the web host as well as what type of package you have with them. The point is there is a limit. When you go over that limit, you usually get charged.

So I was strolling through my site referer logs - something which I should do more often, because I noticed several references to the Blindside desktop images I created a while ago. They haven't been linked from the main site in months, and even so, there's no reason for someone to be using it on their web site (and using my bandwidth in the process, which costs money).

But alas, all is not lost. Part of being a geek means you can use things such as .htaccess and mod_rewrite to make sure people don't steal your bandwidth, and serve up different content instead. Like a different image than they were expecting to show up. *Mwahahaha*

I present the court with Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibit E, and Exhibit F. These I pulled just from the first 100 lines of the log file. I'm sure there are many more as this stuff is viral, “OMG, I luv ur background, g1mm3 t3h cod3z!!!111”

[ I was going to call this post “Bandwidth Stealing” until just now. ]

Depending how long it takes people to notice / remove the image reference, the exhibits may or may not still reflect my humorous change.

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brandy brandy
hahaha. So, i was getting some sort of comical relief, and satisfaction out of your revenge to those unfortunate kids... until I scrolled to the chic with the grandma getting married.

Then I felt bad.
... and then I continued giggling.

Laura Laura
that is awesome.
are these people retarded that they cant see that?

BurnDark BurnDark
gRegorLove is the most l33t h4x0r I know! He totally 0wned the 1am3r n00b5!

Brandon Brandon
Style Points for posting the affected blogs... that was nice. *grin*

bethany bethany
ugh, metal is the worst ever.
i feel like i'm ten years old with braces.
i bet i look it too.

whatev, gregor. they'll be off in less than a month.
peace out

Anne Anne
I came about this because I saw someone on Xanga with your special bandwidth messsage. Very clever, way to stick it to those kind of jerks.

Miss M Miss M
OMG (first of all, I can't believe you wrote “omg” ha!)
You're so funny!

Laura Laura
I am not really sure what a 'jorb' is...(mwahaha)...but I am almost sure that I dont want one.
i actualy do have a fulltime job, I am just too cheap to buy my own food and I still live at home and pay rent so it is still my parents job to do that.
: ]

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