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I came across this very interesting weblog (happy, gwYn?) the other day. It's by an employee of, which is a large domain name registrar... based in New Orleans. They're located on the 10th and 11th floor of a 27 story building and have been there throughout the hurricane with no signs of leaving anytime soon; they're there for the long haul (not all of their employees, just a handful).

It's cool because they're running generators so haven't lost their power or internet connectivity at all, which is good for their business since they they host thousands of domain names. They also have a webcam set up that's usually aimed at the streets below. All sorts of looting and crazy stuff has been caught on there. Of course it's also very interesting to read a firsthand accounts of things going on in NOLA. Saddening sometimes, too, given all the looting and people shooting at rescue workers (?!?).

It's become quite a phenomenon; there are usually over a hundred new comments within 20 minutes of a new post, so they have quite a following. People are rallying behind them and offering help however they can. Check it out and if you have time go back and read it from the beginning.

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Brandon Brandon
If I'm not mistaken the guy running it is former Special Forces to boot, so that would explain the psuedo-military jargon... *grin* Good stuff def. though.

Yep, he sure is.

Also son of Austrian economist William Barnett.

Lindsay Lindsay
Hey um yeah and stuff. Is the HA alumni forum still alive? I can't see anything newer than 2003. Is there a new place to be? Besides here of course....

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