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Merry Materialismmas

I've been annoyed by materialism lately. It's hard to say anything because people can be pretty defensive, plus that whole “log in your own eye” thing. :-] I was pleased when the topic came up at church last week, though; it was quite timely. Some very poignant points were made about relative wealth and the way we live. I'd encourage everyone to take a listen, it was a good sermon. A difficult one to hear, but a good one nonetheless.

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All I want for Christmas is red dirt

Speaking of Christmas, I'll be spending it down in East Texas with my dad and stepmom. No snow, just red dirt.

Hurra Torpedo


Kitchen Appliances.

Total Eclipse of the Heart.

They were just in the states for the first time apparently, wish I would have known (oh well, not that they came too close to here anyway). There's a rockumentary being made about the whole thing and they're posting clips on . There's some pretty hilarious footage in there.

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shauna shauna
so you are not going to buy me a boat for christmas ?
is that what you're trying to say gregor ?
eh ? eh ?

i see how it is .

Fia Fia
Maybe we are, but we smell better. I'm just saying *hands*. Ah, gregor. Tim and I are going to miss you this Christmas eve.

Corky Corky
Hurra Torpedo. Funny.

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