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Cool Things

These are some cool things that I recommend as of late:

Planzo - online calendar, todo list, and notebook. It's social too, in that you can add friends and set privacy levels to share your schedule. It's pretty easy to use and has some cool features. Mine is at, though you won't see much unless you're a friend.

“Glósóli” by Sigur Rós - this song is phenomenal. The entire album is phenomenal, actually, but this song in particular. In many ways it describes how I feel lately. Watch the video (low, high, cinema) and be amazed by the beauty. :]

The Top 50 Videos of 2005 is the weblog post where I found that Sigur Rós video. There's a lot of great videos in the list, many of which I had never heard of the artists, so hey - cool way to find good music.

Q & A: Our Omnipotent Leader - laugh. a lot.

Q. How does a War Bill become a War Law?

A. It all begins with the president, who submits a bill to the president. If a majority of both the president and the president approve the bill, then it passes on to the president, who may veto it or sign it into law. And even then the president can override himself with a two-thirds vote.

Q. See it's the checks and balances that make all the difference in our democratic system.

A. It's true.

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Burn DarkyDark Burn DarkyDark
Yo fool, you're tags is broke. I get Mr. Infamous 404 whens I click on 'em

Elizabeth Elizabeth
And the president is voted into office by the president and his friends. Votes not in favor of the president may get lost due to the president. Hey, have you seen the Brokeback clip? It's here:

Reg. Monk Reg. Monk
Long time. Some day we will meet again, and have a political discussion.

Ali Ali
Can't wait to see Sigur Ros in a couple weeks!

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