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Wow, has it really been since last month that I've posted? And February is half done already; where'd it go? I've been keeping pretty busy with work, school, and life I guess.

This past weekend I went up to Michigan for my friend Lindsay (formerly West)'s wedding. I actually got to see the bride before the ceremony, that was a first for me; perks of being good friends with the bride :-]. She looked great and was quite excited, as expected. Unfortunately the ceremony was not Star Wars themed as their wedding web site jokingly said it would be, however they did play “The Throne Room” (from the award ceremony at the end of Episode IV) for the recessional. They also had a custom-made light saber knife for cutting the cake, and LEGO light sabers on the tables at the reception. Heh heh.

I did participate in the Hokey-Pokey, so – despite what a certain bride might say – I was not a “party pooper” for not dancing because... I did dance. I danced the only dance that matters, the one that it is all about (life, the universe, and everything). Or is that the Hokey-42 dance? Hmm.

I went up there with my friend Matt whom I hadn't actually seen in quite some time, but have been in phone contact with off and on. It was good to catch up with him and we had some good times. He got a nice new digital camera recently and took a boatload of pictures, so I'm sure I'll post some of those soon.

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Brooke Brooke
ah lovely. I'm not only single, I'm a nut. the hokey-pokey is the only dance that matter, and thanks for your comment.

Ali Ali
Welcome back. Good to see you back at the forum, too. :)

brandy brandy
Good call... noted and changed.

Fia Fia
Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.

Brooke Brooke
yes, well they say as you get older the memory is the first thing to go.

Laura Laura
ha. the hokey pokey. thats funny

Mrs. Dreher aka Bridezilla Mrs. Dreher aka Bridezilla
I defend myself only by stating that the only audience participation that gRegor offered was, indeed, the dancing of the hokey pokey. Which places him perhaps in more of a fizzler category than an actual pooper.

However, I have recently had it made clear to me that had senor love actually participated in such audience favorites as the YMCA, hokey pokey, and so on, the ladies of the party might never have recovered.

Incidentally you can see the pictures at and it's T0211DREHER which I believe is case sensitive.

Lindsay Dreher Lindsay Dreher
PS he gets brownie points for giving me my own post online!


psh! :)

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