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Here you go, lazies

This is for you lazy Xanga people who don't like to click one more link to read my boring posts. I put together a plugin that cross posts to xanga automatically.

You still have to click a link if you want to leave a comment, though.

I have to draw the line somewhere. :-]

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myssi myssi
dont ever call me the l word again. you loser.

Ali Ali
Cool idea. :)

vanessa vanessa
How accomodating!

april april
You're so cool

BurnDark BurnDark

Now if you would only get an RSS feed. Hmm....

Dear Burndark 0.9,

Did you miss the “feed RSS 2.0” button to the left, or the feed icon that shows up in the location bar in Firefox?


Zee (not-so) G-deat:  Benito Zee (not-so) G-deat: Benito
wow. this is very high tech. I am jealous, well not really, but impressed. I still haven't figured out the rss feed thingies, but- ok I'll expose my ignorance one on one rather than here. peace yo.

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