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“oooh, there's a picture of New York, there's a picture of New York, there's a big fat crazy picture of New York!”

Listen to Hiphopapotamus v Rhymenocerous if you're not familiar with the line. It's from the hilarious comedy-folk band, Flight of the Conchords (more mp3s available).

Wednesday was a pretty good day. I woke up refreshed at 5am (I had fallen asleep rather early the night before), so I had plenty of time to read, pray, relax, and get ready for the day. Work was ok – nothing much to talk about – and in the evening I got together at TGI Friday's with Myssi, Laura, Emily and several of their friends I had not met before (Scott, Scott, Ben, Amanda). We walked along the canal afterwards and had some good fun and good discussion.

Yesterday was a slow day. I went to the BMV because I had renewed my plates by mail back in June and never received anything. Since my plates were expired by a month, I figured I needed to go in there and get it resolved. I drove into Indianapolis from work (20 minutes away) and then discovered I could have gone to any BMV, not just the one in my county, so... unnecessary 20 minute drive. At least it only took 21 minutes total to get it taken care of.

After work I went to my friend Sheryl's for a get-together with some of her friends from Beyond Your Best. It's essentially a personal development program that she's been involved in. We did an exercise writing down descriptions of various things in our lives as they would be in 8 years, 1 year, 90 days, and 1 week; then discussed them a bit. It was interesting, as were the people there. Afterwards Sheryl and I got to talk a bit, which was good because we haven't just sat down and talked in a while.

Funny anecdote: I have another nickname now - “Frank”. At Sheryl's a lady shook my hand and said “you must be Frank.” Sheryl had told her I was coming, but for some reason she got “Frank” in her head instead of “Gregor”. So we ran with it for most of the evening. :-]

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Sheryl (friend of Frank) Sheryl (friend of Frank)
Ro called me today and was talking about last night and it took her a minute to remember your name... “his real name was Gregor, right?” After I told her it was, she was then like “well, he knows he's just gonna be Frank now, though, right?” :)

Sheryl (friend of Frank) Sheryl (friend of Frank)
You didn't say that we had to answer the question CORRECTLY. Dangit. The first time I put “purple”. :D

Rachel Rachel
This post made me unusually happy. It's nice to know there are still people in the world who hang out just to talk about stuff like self-improvement.

Rachel Rachel
Oh, and I'm sad your anti-spam feature doesn't allow for incorrect, yet creative answers.

*shakes head*

what would be the purpose of an any-answer-will-do anti-spam feature? the spambots would quickly be set up to enter anything in them. :)

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
I am a spam bot. A highly intelligent spam bot. One that figured out a way to get around your spam bot blocking technique. I have techniques of my own. Awe-inspiring techniques that you don't even know about. And some free time on Monday so if anything turns up I’m game. Especially if it happens before 7:00. Because after 7:00 this spam bot has other websites to crash and messages to leave.

Spam Bot Spam Bot
Dang, I meant to post like this. Stupid question resetting my stuff.

maria maria
I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to see how this whole question/answer thing worked...

hi gregor!

Ali Ali
ha, yeah i was like “i do remember my elementary math, right?”

Spam Bot Spam Bot
Rib Fest is going on this Sunday. Would you be game. Probably meeting up with a few people after church, 1 ish.

Let me know

BurnDark BurnDark
I'm not a spam bot, but I'm not human either, so does that count?

Spam Bot Spam Bot
My understanding is a 10 spot. Gets a few tokens to drop at rib places (Mojo's is the best from what I hear) and possibly some HOOTIE AND his BLOWing FISH.

Plus I still owe you $8+- for the pizza. I think I can cover you.

So no more excuses. It's a

Tom Tom
Wow Frank that is so cool that you are friends with the spy bot!

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