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The topic of passion has been on my mind recently. I consider myself a person of passion; I'm driven to do meaningful things with my life and not just fall into the rut of everyday life. Unfortunately it is easy to fall into that rut or let various frustrations of life hinder us.

I had an email exchange with Myssi about this topic the other day. I was offering some encouragement for some frustrations she was having about where she's at right now in life (she blogged about it, so I'm not giving out privileged information there). One thing I am realizing is that I should be more proactive with others about their passions as well as my own. The passions I have are not just my own, and sharing them with a community is probably beneficial to all. More later as my thoughts develop...

So what are your dreams and passions? How are you achieving them?

I actually watched this movie a couple weeks ago but just remembered it from some quotes I jotted down.

“Sacrifice is - to get anything of value you have to sacrifice.” – Robert Spritzel

“Nothing that has meaning is easy. Easy doesn't enter into grown-up life” – Robert Spritzel

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Ali Ali
Becoming a doctor is my passion. And even though I'm late to the game, I just said
screw it, I'm gonna do it. No turning back, and I'm going to work hard to achieve
it. I totally agree with that "easy" quote up there.

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
Thanks, I sat here for the better part of 30 seconds trying to remember Ben's name.
All I came up with was Eric and Ron and Andy and Adam and those just didn't sound

I edited my post accordingly.

Brooks Brooks
I think God is starting a trend with the topic of passion. I'm learning more on it
myself recently. It was also mentioned at Alumni weekend this last weekend...speaking of, I thought that you were coming this year? What happened?

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
I couldn't comment yesterday. It kept giving me some weird message. However since you still don't have any comments. I'm thinking it might be broken still.

Maybe you should try beating it with an orange barrel. That worked for your side mirror.

June Cleaver June Cleaver
I know, I'm commenting on every blog. The maturity of the church is my passion. The spiritual growth and birth of human beings is my passion. The exemplary revelation of Jesus Christ as a living breathing reality is my passion, to be in the know, and to know, and to spread the know.

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