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I got to see one of my favorite bands ever play this new song live on Saturday. Amazing. You can listen to it on Myspace.

Suffer (Joey B., Chrissy J.)

With a moon half-empty

And a sky that's gone to waste

And the twilight offers cold embrace

The amber of autumn fades

And the greys of summer's mistakes

And the dreams we try to replicate...

They fall away

Isn't this world something wonderful

That we were made to suffer both it's honesty and cruelty?


With a heart half-empty

And a light I've yet to see

And the sadness takes ahold of me

And fire-white burns like...



We all fall apart

To the cadence of our bleedng hearts

They fall away

Isn't this world something wonderful

That we were made to suffer both it's majesty and cruelty?

They fall away...

And is grace not something beautiful that we were made to suffer?

The lucid touch of clemency.

And our tears become a sanctuary we are made to suffer

With tenderness and empathy.

We are made to suffer.

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Corky Corky
Holy cow, haven't heard much of these guys' music since '98. Funny to hear again.

ccarl rocks ccarl rocks
hey gregor, are you going to any more of those emergent discussions? let me know. pwnoswer.

Patricia Patricia
wow, I haven't heard from you in forever!

gwyneth gwyneth
nah...i don't ever edit...i only rarely actually use it.

ps...i love the apples, thanks. :-D

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
QOH??? Queen of Hell???

I am FREE, FREE...

And to boot, I am off early too. I go in early (7:30) but I leave at 3:00. So I am down for anything. (I was going to throw a totally in there, but I felt it was inappropriate.)


Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
That is so cool, you must instruct me good sir.

June Cleaver June Cleaver
Rad lyrics pal. And I'm a personal fan of entropy. Hup Hup.

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