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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas with American Sign Language:














Many thanks to (in order of appearance) Sheryl, Doug, Suzi, Vanessa, Jeeves, Jenn, Ian, Mom, Sarah, Tim and Fia, Jeremiah, Kathy, and Mark. Thanks to Shauna for the original idea. I had some extra letters, so thanks to Ronda and Dustin too for the extra C and R.



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Jeremiah Jeremiah
Merry Christmas!

GaMeFaCe GaMeFaCe
Arrr! Well done, matey. Glad we could help. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! — j3k

bethany bethany
ahhh shauna totally asked me to do that one year, and then backed out:

this was mine from december 2004:

have a good christmas!

shauna shauna
mann. i'm so sorry i flaked out on this. but you know me and now i'm sick, so it's pretty much awesome. but! itr came out super well, so good job, shauna-wannabe. =))

i just wish my shining face would be up there. you know, like a gif with sparkles, but it's my face.

Ali Ali
That is awesome. Great job. Merry Christmas!

Sheryl Sheryl
You're ever so welcome. I thought you'd shrink these down a bit and have them side by side, but this works too. :)

Laurie Laurie
Why was Fia trying to eat her hand?

Rachel Rachel
OH HOW TRUE!! How IS it that some of these guys can say such outrageous stuff and everyone just lets it slide when nothing actually happens? haha...

So, as promised- your compliment- and I mean it with all sincerity:

You're the center of the wheel- the little part that holds all the spokes together(I know there's a name for it but I can't think of it right now). Do you know that I knew your name about 2 years before I ever met you? You're the kind of person who draws everyone together and I think that's great. There are not nearly enough people in the world like you. Thanks

Brandon Brandon
I didn't notice the “Happyness” in the title, that's funny. It makes sense now however. He makes a big deal about the fact that its mispelled on the mural by his son's daycare. Inside joke for movie goers I suppose, but I'm sad I COMPLETELY missed that... haha...

Laurie Laurie
Is that your mom doing R in Christmas?

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