gRegorLove little g big R

I'm not dead, yet.

I think I'll go for a walk.

Many of you already know this, since some friends have been really great about communicating everything, but on Saturday May 12th my heart apparently started fibrillating – beating so fast that no real circulation happens. I passed out and had seizure-like symptoms. Thankfully I was with friends, who quickly called 911. For fuller details, feel free to read the “What Happened” forum.

I basically wanted to write to let everyone know that I have been recovering amazingly well, and it's miraculous. I have definitely felt the love and prayers of many friends from around the country and I want to thank you all so much. I finally was able to read up on the rest of the above-linked forum and there were some really touching things in there. I definitely feel loved and I hope I do a good job to display the same to all of you.

I have been walking around pretty regularly the last several days; I feel quite normal, actually; an MRI last night showed no problems and my memory is fine except for during the event and the coma, of course (which I'd rather not remember anyway). I will be having a defibrillator installed in the next day or two, hopefully I should get a more firm schedule on that today. After that and a little bit of recovery, I'll be able to go home. I've recovered so well that apparently I won't even need any rehab after the surgery, since I can walk, talk, and all that jazz, just like normal.

Words cannot really describe how blessed I feel. Thank you for everything.

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Allison Allison
“having a defibrillator installed” makes you sound like a car. VROOM VROOM.

I'm super glad you're better. :)

ScottW ScottW
I was just thinking about you. Sounds like everything is gonna be okay

Brandon F. Brandon F.
Man, I can't tell you how happy it made me to see your Twitter post this morning. =D I've been keeping informed, but that just made me really happy. Glad to hear you're recovering well.

Now we need to make “gRegor Lives.” T-Shirts. =P

Crystal Crystal
YAAAAAY!!! Gregor's back in the blogosphere!!!!! Seriously man, we've been praying hard for ya. There was a glitch with the forum and I couldn't post, but Stephen and I have been keeping up with the updates pretty religiously. SO glad to see that you're recovering so well!!!! *happy dance*

suzi suzi
your life has been a miracle unfolding before our eyes. too much to ever put into words. i will always have a sense of awe about what God has done here.

we need to make shirts that read -
“gRegor Love: more game comatose than most men fully conscious.”

Ali Ali
that is terrific news! hooray! glad to have you back, man :)

Sheryl Sheryl
Yeah, I'd comment, but really... I have no words.

Jeeves of the Three-Thousands Jeeves of the Three-Thousands
Whoa. Man, I had NO idea any of this had happened. Just read the What Happened site... all I can say is, you are a blessed man, Mr. M. Remind me never to get on your bad side... God likes you too much. Hahah.
I'm glad to see you back; much love to you and yours, from me and mine. If you need ANYthing, just call me... because I'd rather tell you no over the phone. Hahah. Sorry. It's the best I've got. — j3k

BurnDark BurnDark're going to be the bionic gRegor! Sweet!

I was bionic once...

Ray Ray
Great news! I'm very happy for you Gregor and am looking forward to seeing you on the outside! Maybe while they're installing things you could get a new hard drive and some more RAM. How about a wireless card in your head so do don't even have to access a computer anymore! Heh!

april april
WOW! I had no idea!! I'm so glad that you're okay and you'll be in my prayers!

gwyneth gwyneth
or, gRegorLove: gRegorLive shirts...or something on the variation.

i'm glad you're well. i prayed for ya.

Jenn Jenn
Yay gRegor!! So happy to have you back. Did you read my “dream” post before you sent out the twitter? Because wow.

Jenn Jenn
PS - I will be in Indianapolis this weekend. Can't wait to see you!

the spheric1 the spheric1
WB. I'm going to post this over on the message board too. If you have a problem with it, you should be able to delete it because I've given you full administrative privileges.

ron ron
you're title reminds me of a mark twain quote “the reports of my death are greatly exxagerated.” or something like that. well, i guess that means i won't be seeing you tomorrow then. good luck.

laurie laurie
hey mr. Love, thanks for our talk tonight. you are definitely one of those friends worth keeping around. :) Glad your heart agrees.

Jeremiah Jeremiah
Wanna have a race down the halls Wednesday night before LOST? =P

Leslie Edens Leslie Edens
That is awesome Gregor!! Praise the Lord! You have been in our prayers, (the Eden's Fam), throughout this whole thing.

Patricia Clark Mitchell Patricia Clark Mitchell
Wow, I'm so glad you're okay.

Vanessa Vanessa
HOLY MOLY! I am so glad you are okay, Gregor. Sounds like it was very, very, very good that you were with friends.

Sarah Five Sarah Five
love you!

Elizabeth Elizabeth
I had no idea until I read Jeeves' blog this morning! SO thankful it's not your time yet. I don't know Brandon, but I'm totally with him: We need to market “gRegor Lives” tees...

Jean & Ed Jean & Ed
We've read about miracles, but we've never known one until now. Hope you felt our prayers from across the ocean.
You are surrounded by incredible friends, but we know you already know that. Cherish them.
We love you, Miracle Man.

shauna shauna
dude, i'm glad you're okay!
What do you call a deer with no eyes ?
I have no I-Deer

Kathy Kathy
i know that everything will be alright now that gRegor's back on teh internets.

Andrew Bucher Andrew Bucher
Praise the Lord! My prayers are with you. I am glad to hear of the Lord's work in your life.

myssi myssi
so, no short term memory loss?
i am so behind on internet, i didn't even know you posted this. i didn't even know you were “typing” again.
i am so glad you are!
i am so thankful the LORD had favor on your life and allowed you to taste life one again. He is faithful.
you are awesome. we should talk very soon.

Brooks Brooks
Hey - we had no idea until your post! I am SO glad that you are getting better. Just caught up a bit on the “what happened” forum. Praise God for everything He has done in your life and for the support your family has had through your friends!

David Moscrip David Moscrip
Glad to see you back!

Rachel Rachel
We were praying for you gRegor! So glad to hear you're doing so well!!

Fia Fia
I'm glad you are well and we would love to see you again, even if we have to rescue you from the side of the road. :)

Amy Reynolds Amy Reynolds
I'm really glad that you're alright. I'm sorry about what happened and it's a great feeling to know that people still feel blessed by others and their prayers. i know that mine are with you.

sorry i haven't talked to you in a while. looking forward to reading again.

(Not-so) Big Ben (Not-so) Big Ben
Hey man I'm amazed at what God has done for you. I can only guess at His purposes for allowing it all, but I know they are all good and for your eternal benefit- that much your already know as well. IT probably occured to you that many people across the nation you don't even know have been praying for you and some prolly still are since I've been a bad friend and havn't updated my prayer-for-gRegor possie, so be on the watch for your good health to grow into super human powers. Maybe you could star on Heros next season!

Oh and I wonder would the t-shirt idea work as a commerical???? “He Loves. He Lives! He can program a beat up Commodor into the world's first, self-aware AI! And, all this gRegor can be yours free! with your love, so apply now at! (While supplies last.)” hmmm dunno about that. anyway. Happy to have you back and kickin. peace bro.

Virgil Beato Virgil Beato

My favorite liberterian and worthy opponent,

I happened to find out earlier this week about your recent situation. I randomly logged on to TM's website, and Lindsay posted a prayer request for you.

You are certainly in my prayers man. Its incredible how life can be so short, and precious. As we learned at TM, let us always seize every moment that God gives us.

Miss you man! I'll have to come on here and read your wise insights on life a little more often.

Virgil Beato

Ray Ray
We have never met. I follow some of your stuff on the IN take blog. Noticed it was rather quiet. I thought I heard your Mom was going through some serious medical stuff and I was praying for her. Didnt know about your situation. Very glad to hear you are doing well. May goodness and mercy relentlessly chase you and your Mom.

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