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Some things

These are some things that have made me happy lately:

This postcard pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it? Nicole sent it to me when she was visiting family in Alaska. Receiving snail mail is a lot of fun, particularly in today's busy world. This postcard simultaneously makes me want to visit Alaska, eat fish, and collect postcards from around the world.

Hello ...ladies. Sheryl bought this for me. For obvious reasons. (See the commercials if you're not familiar.)

These are three fabulous CDs that I bought the other day and am enjoying quite a bit. Eisley's Combinations, Elliott's Song in the Air and Photorecording.

I'm pretty pleased that we finally have the new Eisley site (mostly) done. I'm not responsible for any of the graphic design, mostly just backend programming and CSS stuff. Boyd DuPree is responsible for the graphic design and the background incorporates Sherri DuPree's artwork. (The amount of talent in that family is really sick sometimes, haha)

And finally, this excerpt from the RELEVANT podcast (June 15th, 2007 episode) was hysterical. The topic was a “wildlife expedition” (involving alligators) that Jesse went on:

Jesse: I can tell you this is the last time I'll ever do this

Cameron: I would hope so, for the sake of your wife.

Jesse: Well – that's what she said.

*Uproarious laughter from everyone*

Adam: (laughing) Why does that sound so wrong, even though that's what she actually said?

Jesse: She actually said that after we got back. No she's like “you're married now, you can't do stuff like this.”

Cameron: (singsong) You got in trouble

This podcast is usually highly entertaining, so I recommend it.

What's made you happy lately?

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Sheryl Sheryl
Yay, I got into the “things that made gRegor happy” blog!

Ali Ali
hey man, just wanted to say the site changes look great! so that's one thing that makes me happy. :)

Tim Kilbourn Tim Kilbourn
Dionysus Burning on Photorecordings (originally on U.S. Songs) is possibly my favorite Elliott song. Ever. And that's saying a lot. I've pretty much been listening exclusively to the two Elliott albums you just got for the past few months. I could go on and on...

nicole nicole
i burst into laughter when i saw the postcard i sent you on here! i forgot what a silly postcard it was. it definitely doesn't make me want to eat fish, quite the opposite, actually. strangly, it does make me want to eat eagles.

i haven't thought about elliott in years and that's a shame. thank you for reminding me.

things that are making me happy... hm...the mexican food i just ate. i live four blocks away from three amazing mexican restaurants. books. i've got many new books to read. feeling that my life is full of friends these days. it hasn't always been so and friends are so good to have.

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