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Spur of the moment

Hmm, only one post in July. Dang. Guess it was kind of a busy month overall; work has been keeping me busy and in my spare time I haven't felt like writing much.

Last week, rather spur of the moment, I decided to go see Shiny Toy Guns play in Newport, KY. I found out about the show on Monday, but didn't think about it much since it was on a Wednesday night and I needed to be “responsible”. The next day when I read that they were the only band playing and would play an extended set with new songs, I decided it would definitely be worth going. Jeremiah and Suzi were game, so we headed out after some minor delays (such as Jeremiah deciding to wear his Dr. Pepper on his pants... in my car). The show was great, it was in a smaller venue and they were having a lot of fun playing. Unfortunately, they didn't play any new songs, but did play some I haven't seen them play in a while like “Rocketship” and their cover of Depeche Mode's “Stripped.” Fun times.

The weekend before that I got to see Myssi and Laura for a bit, which was great fun. Myssi's back in town for a couple weeks (from the hard life of staffing YWAM in Hawaii...), so there was a cookout/sorta-post-birthday celebration for her, with Doug, Shawn, Suzi, and Luke. We played our freestyle version of Apples to Apples which always leads to plenty of laughter. For example, did you know booty is for keeping your hands warm? That game is how I became Delicious, too, back in the day.

Tomorrow I'm going to Chicago to see Eisley's acoustic show. Their new album Combinations comes out August 14th, I'm looking forward to that. Check out the video for their song “Invasion”, it's a great song and interesting video.

This weekend I'm going to see Hairspray with some friends, then there's a pitch-in cookout followed by road trip down to Bloomington. We're going down there to see Autumn's Descent play, which our friend Doug plays bass in.

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Allison Allison
What gets a girl asked out to lunch?
Is it brains? Is it dough?
No! It's hairspray!

Ben-jammin Ben-jammin
I haven't got to see hairspray yet. I saw Rickie Lake play the lead inthe original and now I'm scared. and scarred. :)

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