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Weekly Goals 2

Last week was not a great start, but I did get a couple things done (mostly over the weekend). I exercised 1 time. I did not get the blog post done, but I did get the photos off my camera and cropped, so now I just need to write the post. This is a short 3-day week, I'm going to Chicago for a Jimmy Eat World concert on Thursday, then flying to Los Angeles for a 4-day weekend on Friday, so I'm not adding much this week.

The number indicates how many weeks it has been on the list.

  • Clean up my bedroom
  • File all varieties of past bills and paperwork
  • Call Azura to get extra parts so I can finish putting my new bed together (1)
  • Sort through clothes, take stuff I never wear to Goodwill (1)
  • Exercise at least 2 days
  • Make appointment with dentist (1)
  • Make appointment with neurologist (1)
  • Clean up my desk and work area
  • Backup databases
  • Upgrade Nucleus CMS software
  • Take photos off my camera and write the Cincinnati Ron Paul post I meant to weeks ago (1)

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