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Babies, lizards, and pacemakers - oh my!

You asked, and I ANSWER'D!

From Allison: Why is Michael Scott both the best AND worst boss ever?

He is the best boss because he is oblivious to the idea of productivity; he is never on your back about working harder and thus it is easier to goof-off around the office. He also knows the crap out of women, much like myself. I don't understand the part of the question about him being the worst boss ever?

What is your favorite part of the movie Grease? [now that I've finally seen it]

Um, that one part... where we laughed. I don't know, I've only seen it once now, so I don't really remember/love enough to pick a favorite part.

Where do babies come from?

The vagina.

What was your deepest childhood ambition? What is your current deepest ambition?

I guess the one thing that sticks out to me is that I wanted to be an architect when I grew up. I liked the precision and the idea of designing nifty houses. I just kind of grew out of it though, which doesn't really disappoint me. I don't have very deep ambitions at the moment, other than to finish my degree and live in California for a while. Being debt free is another strong ambition that I'm making good progress towards.

Who is your role model? If it's Jesus, then who is your #2?

David Hasselhoff. “Jump in my car.”

From Jon: Do you use any jigs or lures when getting all the women?

Yes, I say, “Come on and come to my house, ladies! Come on and come to my house, girls girls!” and they just flock.

I also use dimples, blue eyes, and my biceps.

From Ben: Since it's one of the things that I'm jealous of you for, what would you say is responsible for conversational style? What advice would you give someone who wanted to become a better conversationalist?

I don't know that I have really thought of myself as being a good conversationalist, so first of all – thanks. I'd have to say the core of being a good conversationalist is being a good listener and being genuinely interested in other people. I had to think about this question for a bit before I came up with an answer, and then I realized that it goes right along with the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I've never been asked for advice in this area before, so I would have to recommend that book. Here is a good summary of the main points in it.

From Ian: If you could change any event in your life what would you change and why?

I had to think about this one for a while too, and honestly I don't know that there is anything I would change. I don't tend to look back at my life in regret very much. There are things I wish didn't happen – such as my parents' divorce – but when I look at things as they are now, I'm not even sure I would go back and change it. Knowing my parents now, I'm not really sure they were that great together, and I know they seem quite pleased where they are now. Changing that event would have made me feel “better” at that time in my life, but that's not really important to me in the now. I don't think there is an event I would change, not even my heart incident last year.

From Isha: Can we get an anole?

Sure. To those wondering (and too lazy to click, *ahem*), anoles are small lizards with the ability to change their skin color. No, they're not chameleons (Come-a, Come-a, Come-a, Chameleon...). I had one of these for many years as a child and his name was Harry. They are easy to care for, fun to feed live flies or crickets to, and are quite cute.

When are you going to get sick of me playing with your heart? [pacemaker]

Since I am a stick, my pacemaker bumps out of my chest a tad, and you can also feel one of the wires just beneath my skin. It is pretty fascinating, I guess; I've just gotten used to it. Anyway, I will get sick of it on September 9, 2009 at 3:03:42 PM.

From Jeremiah: When and how did you get your first job after college, and what got you to where you are now?

Well, as alluded to earlier, I'm technically not done with college. Very close, though. Through college I mostly worked on campus in the continuing education department as a lab tech and various other positions. Then I found a job listing for a PHP programmer and worked there for a year. Unfortunately they were a small company and had some rough times financially, so I had to leave there. I found my current job on craigslist, and it's what I consider my first full-fledged, serious “post college” job, since it's with a well-established company. I basically taught myself PHP over the years, so that got me to where I am. That and ...ladies.

Now readers, feel free to answer in the comments or your own blog post:

  • What are your 5 desert island books - ok, movies? You know, you're on a desert island and these are the only 5 you can have with you.
  • What is the previous question a reference to?
  • What artist/album/song has really impacted you recently, and how?
  • Which do you like best: my dimples, blue eyes, or biceps?


Photo reference for the last question.


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Isha Isha
LQTM. Cute.

I think I'll blog most of the answers. But...

I like your eyes the most. Blue eyes are beautiful. Your eyes are very caring. They make me feel better.

& I'm looking forward to our pet...Harry II. Can I pick the middle name?

Hokay so I have until 9-9-9 & wow. Awesome. Plenty of time to keep groping you.

& yes, babies come from the vag. I'm glad someone knows that. [business time is also helpful]

Isha Isha
Oh...& the photo is adorable. =)

Isha Isha
& its our date shirt!

Allison Allison
hahahaha you WOULD say The Hoff. “Get out of my car. (But I thought you said were a nice guy!) Well I lied!”

but what about creepy guys in gorilla costumes? #3? :)

your favorite part of Grease is officially the part where Danny tries to play sports. (no, that isn't my favorite part.)

You wrote about a vagina!!! ::giggle giggle tee hee::

You should've been an architect. Like the dad on the Brady Bunch. And you could build really 70s-looking houses. :D

I will answer via journal, except the last question, which would be random and awkward if placed in my journal.


P.S. You can't really see your dimples in that picture. So not a very good photo reference. haha

oh, and P.S.S. the reference was THE OFFICE. duh.

Sarah Five Sarah Five
I think your cuter then Isha thinks your cute.

Jon Jon
I like your conversational shirt more than your biceps, eyes or dimples.

BTW what is 2 plus 2? I'm having problems here.

Isha Isha
In response to this Jon character. I always forget that the stupid spam protection is there. So I always click 'add comment' and it fails at least 4 times before I answer the stupid math problem.


[no joke, I just pressed add comment, without answering the question....not on purpose. I so smrt]

Lauren Lauren
Your answer to the 3rd question almost made me spew water all over my laptop. :-P

My 5 books: 'Searching for God Knows What' by Donald Miller, 'Redeeming Love' by Francine Rivers, 'Why Men Love Bitches' (don't remember the author), 'Simply Christian' by N.T. Wright, and 'Anna Karenina' by Tolstoy because then maybe I'd finish it. :-D

I don't understand what you mean in the second question.

'Lost' by Michael Buble. Any song that inspires me to dance has an impact.

You have nice eyes. :-)

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