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A couple months ago I joined this great Facebook group, Liturgists Community - Singles. It’s one of very few things keeping me on Facebook, actually. Members sometimes do Ask Me Anything posts which reminded me it’s been quite a while since I’ve done any of those posts here — about 7 years!

So let’s hear those questions, silly or serious. This will be a good motivation for me to write more. I do have posts in progress about the Liturgists Gathering in Nashville and my trip to Israel, but feel free to ask questions about those. I’ll take questions through February 25th then write a post with answers.

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Sheryl ?? ?, @Jennifer Stavros

Sheryl Sheryl
Is living in California everything you thought it would be?

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
What is your favorite pun?

Gee-FM Gee-FM
How many geeeeeeees does it take to get to the gee-Regor centre?

Jon Jon
1. Having lived on the West Coast for several years now, do you see anything between there and Israel as flyover country now?
2. What is your take on consummate P's? What about consummate V's?
3. What is your favorite font type? Please do not be discouraged about choosing papyrus or comic sans. They are fun fonts. URL:
4. What is your favorite non-governmentally recognized holiday?
5. What is your least favorite day of the year?

I might be back with some more. These were just off the top of my head.

Laurie Laurie
Did you think it was awkward when Mike Meyers performed a throw back to Wayne’s World at the Oscars?

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