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I have been a bit sentimental lately, and in the process of cleaning up my office decided to have a more prominent spot on my desk for a few things.

The angel is a gift from Sarah, given to me during my heart incident to watch over me – or remind me that I am watched over at least.

The pill bottle is a recent prescription. It's empty now, but Isha wrote on it "DON'T DIE! Because ISHA <3s you.“ The other side she wrote ”LESS THAN 3".

The medical bracelet I wore last summer, being extra precautious.

And in back is Sulley from Monsters, Inc. Sheryl gave me that years ago, and has her own of Mike Wazowski. It is a nice reminder of our friendship, and is appropriate because she is short and green and I am tall and blue. And furry. Unfortunately it got lost in the mix last time I moved, so has only recently returned to my desk... but it is there now!

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Isha Isha
You are awesome.

Kathy Kathy
Awww... That's happy.

Ali Ali
“less than 3”

heh, i like that

Sheryl Sheryl
I am not green.

BurnDark BurnDark
Wait, what about your cell phone flask? Nothing says love like being able to sneak some vodka!

Isha Isha
Also, your office is very very clean now. It was quite surprising. I actually feel like cleaning my apartment now!

Lauren Lauren
Such a sap. ;-) I've seen Sheryl's Mike but I don't think I knew you had Sulley. Very cool.

And yes, you are loved. Never forget that.

Jon Jon
That is sweet.

Sheryl is in fact green (and short).

Gregor can't die now, he's a cyborg (cylon).

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