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Quick Thought: Valentine's Day

I read a comment on Facebook about how Valentine's Day can cause negative feelings in those who are single, and it got me thinking.

I think that outlook is pretty dis-empowering. We do have a choice in how we react to things. An arbitrary day cannot make us have negative feelings. I know it's tough sometimes. Trust me, I don't always have positive feelings about the day, either. It has been tough for me at various times this year, though I try not to be vocal about it. I try to make the best of things and choose to have a more positive outlook. It really is amazing to me sometimes how such a choice can improve my mood.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Valentine's Day, even though Hallmark makes it out to be about having a significant other can be way more productive if you make it about loving others, including friends and family and not just significant others. I guess I just have never really seen it as any more of a reminder about not having a significant other (when I've not had one) than any other day. The day is really what you make of it, not sure why people even choose to make it bad at all. It's a day just like any other.

Isha Isha
Love is love, celebrate it in all forms. :)

Fia Fia
My family always celebrated it as a family holiday. We wrote personal notes to each other and put them in homemade shoe box mailboxes. Then we went out for heart-shaped pizza, came home and read the notes aloud, then watched a movie. I hope Tim and I can start a similar tradition.

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