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In the Mail

Photo of letters

I love getting real mail. I am sure most people do, but life can be so busy and there are so many instant communication methods available instead.

A few months ago I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to rediscover the art of writing letters. A couple friends agreed and we swapped addresses. It's been going well, as you can see from the picture above. I particularly enjoyed John Lee's doodles all over the envelope.

It really does not take that much time to write a letter, so I would recommend it. Feel free to write to me (even just a postcard) and I promise that I will write back:


P.O. Box 53768

Indianapolis, IN 46253

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Allison Allison
I've already sent you 3-4 postcards. Whatevah whatevah, I do what I want. haha

Isha Isha
:) More comin' your way...eventually!

Isha Isha
and you blotted my address out--I was so confused for a second!

John John
I never saw this one but I did see a different one on twitter.

It was nice of you to fuzz stuff out for our protection

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