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Happy birthday to! It was eleven years ago today that I launched this site. So it was only fitting that I launch the new site design today. If you have been around me (er, this site) for a while, then you know it has gone through several design changes over the years. In the past it has taken me a while to come up with something I really like, so by the time I launch it, I'm usually already tired of it. :] The previous design, “gL4,” lasted for several years, though. I am quite pleased with this new design, so hope it will last a long time as well.

Just about everything is new. I have a logo now, which I love. The letters are skinny, tall, and sexy (like me). And there's a motto: “little g big R.” I am trying out the single post view instead of a stream of posts. I updated my bio because it was rather old. I added an archives page. I am not sure why I went without one for so long; I'm sure hardly anyone even noticed the small calendar for navigating posts before. The layout of the archives page is inspired by tumblr.

I did have to rush a little bit at the end in order to launch this on Valentine's Day, so I will be making some more updates in the coming weeks. There will be a mobile-friendly version and the wife application will see some updates, too.

Thanks to Jenn Moody for the photograph used in the footer. Thanks to her, Jeremiah Ragsdale and Rachelskirts for their feedback on the whole design while I was making it. Thanks to you for visiting, reading, and commenting. :]

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Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
Love, love, love the new look. It seems more . . . fitting, somehow. I also really adore the one-post-per-page concept. (Maybe because it brings me back to my Diaryland days?) THANK YOU for finally building an archive and for making navigation between posts possible. I was possibly cursing at that little calendar thing a few weeks ago trying to find an entry.

Anyway, looks great, and I'm proud of you for getting it launched in a reasonable amount of time!

Allison Allison

Ohhhh. Crap.

Ignore this. ::throws you down the stairs::

Allison Allison
In other news, on your bio: “thus we are made to be* the* same way”

@Rachelskirts: Yeah, I think it's more fitting, too. I think it matches my “voice” better. I initially made “gL4” in 2006 (maybe 2005?) and was quite proud of it. Times change and hopefully design/UI skills improve, so I felt I could make it better with a “back to basics” refresh.

It was fun to make and I'm glad you love it. I'm always glad to reduce the amount of cursing at parts of the site, too.

Thanks. :]

@Allison: Bazinga.

Joshua W Joshua W
aw its so pretty

Christopher Christopher
Ahhh, there's the footer. Nice site, man, and I like the reasoning for the font in the logo. Way to keep a good thing going.


Jon Jon
While the font is nice I guess I'd prefer a more comic sans, papyrus, or times new roman style. This ... font is just a little too over used.

Jon Jon
Archive. Several Ideas.

1. Change everything to comic sans
2. Add some graphics/pictures/porn to the post icons. At least let me kittenify the page.
3. On the mouse over do 1 of 2 things. 1. Give the first 1-2 lines of the post or 2. combine with #2 and make a nifty mouseover picture.
4. Decide where I'm silly and where I'm being serious. And seriously... I want to kittenify your webpage.

Jon Jon
Oh also, the ability to edit and delete comments so that I can stir up issues and inflaming passions, then delete my comment and make people look like a-holes.

Also I fail at math. WTB better (read: less secure) “captcha.”

Dr. Dre Dr. Dre
dr. dre approves

Joel Joel
Looking good my fellow human man! I suggest a re-vamp of the Wife Application (pare it down to something like just these questions - Other than that and the need for images of your notebook doodles, I would say your quest is complete - FOR NOW...

nicole nicole
i really like your new site, it's clean and interesting at the same time and i think that can be tough to pull off. the new bio is great! nicely done!

Dan Dan
I likes!

@adelas @adelas
I remember when it was BRIGHT YELLOW....

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