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In Need of Freeze Pops

Blogger's block. That is what I called it the other day. I wrote in my journal instead, because I had hardly written in it at all during May; there were several things I wanted to capture before I forgot them.

I did have a couple ideas recently for my blog. Maybe not great ideas, but I am glad that ideas are at least coming. The first idea was that I (attempt) to draw things that people suggest. I cannot really draw (well), but it could be fun. At least the first time.

The second idea was to do an audio post of some sort. I could read (dramatically or otherwise) one of my posts, or someone else's posts. The initial thought came after listening to Joel Dueck's recent audio post. I doubt I could do anything of that quality, though.

Chicago feels pretty well like home now. I am getting a better feel for directions and public transportation. I like that I have a place to call my own. I like my workspace. And I like that I get to see one of my favorite people more often.

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LaurieRock LaurieRock
Please draw and record! Recordings are love

Jeremiah Jeremiah
Your comment section looks all sorts of screwed up. Some misplaced lines breaks or you lost your list items? (I'm too lazy to look at the source code right now)

You should record the audio of what it sounds like when you're drawing. “ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” *crumples paper and starts over*

See you tomorrow night!

Thanks for the heads up. I upgraded recently and it broke my custom template. Fixed!

Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
VLOG. WHILE EATING A FREEZE POP. No wait, that's an awesome idea. I'm stealing it.

@Rachelskirts: Idea thief!

Jeremiah Jeremiah
How can you still what's already yours?

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