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All You Heart-stealers

My friend Jeeves put together a 31 Day Song challenge thingy. I decided to participate in order to switch things up a bit (and post more frequently). No guarantees that they will be on consecutive days, but I will get through the list.

Day 1: The First Song on the Soundtrack for My Life

“Jaan Pehechaan Ho,” from the Indian film Gumnaam and featured at the beginning of Ghost World.

Below is the entire list; feel free to participate in the comments or on your own blog.

01: The First Song on the Soundtrack for My Life

02: Favourite Song From the Year I Was Born

03: A Song from the First Album/CD/Cassette I Bought with My Own Money

04: A Song from the Last Album/CD/Cassette I Bought with My Own Money

05: Love the Song. Love the Video Even More.

06: Best Song with an Animal in the Title

07: Best Cover of a Horrible Song

08: Worst Cover of a Good Song

09: This Band/Artist Should Be (a) Superstar(s)

10: Favourite Instrumental Song

11: I Play This When I Need To (IPTWINT): Concentrate

12: IPTWINT: Unwind

13: IPTWINT: Get Motivated

14: IPTWINT: Go a Little Crazy

15: IPTWINT: Get in the Mood

16: Favourite Local Band/Artist

17: A Song from a Band/Artist that I Should Be Into but Just Can't Do It

18: A Band/Artist That I Initially Hated but Now Enjoy

19: Least Favorite Song From My Favourite Band/Artist

20: Favourite Song from My Least Favourite Musical Genre

21: Favourite Live Song Ever

22: Cool Summer Night Drive + Windows Down + Stereo Turned Up = This Song

23: This Song Really Demands an Altered Consciousness

24: A Song That Captures the Best Moment of My Life

25: Favourite Song from Ten Years Ago

26: Favourite Song Which Has a Woman's Name for Its Title

27: Favourite TV Theme Song

28: This Is What Heaven Sounds Like

29: This Is What Hell Sounds Like

30: Favourite Song Ever

31: The Last Song on the Soundtrack for My Life

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His Jeevishness His Jeevishness
YES! Excellent first choice, I might add.

Allison Allison
I think I'm gonna participate. We'll see if I do the whole thing, or just part. haha

Sheryl Sheryl
Is there a reason this is the first song on the soundtrack for your life? Seems like a strange one.

@Sheryl: I think you just answered that, then. :]

Lazie Lazie
Oy, too hard

Allison Allison
Ghost World intro. Opening credits seems like a good idea. I'm having trouble coming up with my first song, haha...

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