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I was poking around my post archives and realized I never finished the music challenge I started way back in 2011. It’s Music Monday, so why not continue my longest-running 31 day challenge? If you want to play along, the prompts are on the original post. My responses are linked there as well.

19: Least Favorite Song From My Favourite Band/Artist

This was a tough one. First to pin down my favorite band then to figure out which was my least favorite song of theirs. I thought about my top few favorite bands and Jimmy Eat World’s album Damage stuck out to me. Yeah, the whole album, unfortunately. It’s not bad, it just sounded kind of formulaic and bland to me. I think I’ve only listened to it three or four times.

Jimmy Eat World, “Damage”:

On a positive note, I think their latest two albums have been great. Check out Integrity Blues and Surviving.

While I was writing this, I was curious what other people thought. I found an article ranking their albums from worst to best. They put Damage above Futures. I realize some fans like this album more than I do, but c’mon, better than Futures??

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Sheryl ??? Sheryl ???
No way is Damage better than Futures. I'm with you.

gRegor Morrill gRegor Morrill
You’ll appreciate they had Bleed American higher, though. They had Clarity, Bleed American, Damage, Futures.

Sheryl ??? Sheryl ???
I could live with that other than Damage over Futures. Futures has some really good songs.

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