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Continuing the music challenge:

Day 16: Favourite Local Band/Artist

I first heard Detholz! (pronounced “death holes”) at Cornerstone 2003. They gathered quite a bit of attention by going around the festival with signs about the end of the world and using a megaphone to warn people — while dressed as Lady Liberty (archived), of course. I went to their show and enjoyed it, though possibly for the weirdness factor more than anything. I mostly forgot about them until a year or two later when I saw they were playing an Indianapolis festival. They were dressed more normally for that show, but their music was still quite interesting. Their mellow cover of “Celebration” was awesome. They hooked me, so I bought an album.

Unfortunately, there are not many decent videos of them online, and none for the songs I wanted to share. MP3 upload it is!

Detholz!, “Celebration” (Kool & the Gang cover)

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