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I remember watching Penn & Teller’s TV specials as a kid and enjoying them. They had a unique mix of tricks, explanations, and humor. In years since, I have also enjoyed the thoughtful and libertarian things Penn has said and his podcast, Penn’s Sunday School.

When I arrived in Bellingham, I was surprised to see a marquee advertising Penn & Teller just one month later. I had hoped to see their show in Vegas eventually, but here they were playing in my backyard.

The show was great and we got to meet them afterwards. And yes, Teller speaks when offstage.

Penn & Teller Penn & Teller

Meeting Penn & Teller

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Sheryl Hugill, Chris Magnusson

amandica amandica
I f--ing love those guys.

Sheryl Hugill Sheryl Hugill
I saw Teller speak at the Phoenix Film Festival last year, I think. Proof he does talk! Also, it's crazy how much weight Penn has lost.

Chris Magnusson Chris Magnusson
If I were you, for this particular post, I would've written "Bond, James Bond" 33 1/3 times.

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