I think I’m going to try the 100 Words in 100 Days challenge again. I only finished 13 non-contiguous days last time. I also didn’t fill in the missed days. This time I want to be more rigorous about it.

I’m planning to start on February 1. If you’re interested in joining in, let me know. I’d love to follow your writings.


Mark Schwartzkopf, Andreas Mueller, Jonathan Green, and 2 others
Jonathan Green Jonathan Green
I haven't written online for some time. I'm setting a reminder on my calendar for 100 days starting on 2/1. I may give it a try.

Rachel Skirts Rachel Skirts

Gregor Morrill Gregor Morrill
Cool! Do you still have unhindered.com?

Jonathan Green Jonathan Green
I still own it, nothing is there right now.

Alan Gallivan Alan Gallivan
Gregor Morrill Me too.