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IndieWeb WordPress Feedback

I’m upgrading a friend’s WordPress site and decided to go through the IndieWeb’s Getting Started on WordPress page. Here’s some notes as I go through the process, trying to view it through the lens of someone who isn’t already familiar with indieweb terminology.

On wiki pages

I wonder if the focus on IndieMark is a good idea on this page. It’s going to be a new term for people getting started on WordPress and it isn’t really necessary knowledge to get started. It could be a distraction. I think it would be better if the page focused on use-cases, like “I want to have Twitter and Instagram comments show up on my posts,” or “I want to be able to post replies to other people’s sites.” Then list specific steps to achieve those use-cases.

Since the WordPress IndieWeb plugin is the recommended first plugin to install, I think the page should make that more explicit and appear earlier in the text. The first mention is a little bit down on the page and the importance of that plugin isn’t really expressed there.

On installation/activation

This went smoothly, as expected. If possible, I would recommend the post-install/activation success message include a link to the plugin’s Getting Started page so the next step is clearer.

On plugin’s Getting Started page

“1. Complete your user profile...”

I’d recommend linking this action phrase to the location to do this. It’s not immediately obvious where that is. Is it in the WordPress user management area?

“2. Under Options on the Indieweb menu...”

Similarly, I would recommend linking an action phrase to that options page.

“3. Links... will now appear on your site...”

Where will they appear? This may be theme-dependent, but I only saw invisible link rel=me elements added (this is using the Hemingway theme). If they are invisible by default, perhaps make that more clear.

“...allowing you to use Indieauth and other services...”

IndieAuth is another term people will probably not be familiar with. I would recommend stating one or two things they can do now that they’ve finished the first three steps, like “you can now log in using your domain name to IndieAuth-enabled sites” and linking IndieAuth to so they can learn more about that if they want to.

Under Plugins, I’d recommend rephrasing with the use-case as the first part of the sentences: “To receive replies, likes, and other responses from indieweb sites, install...” I think this makes it easier when scanning the page and less likely to catch people up on terms like Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks. Similar for Bridgy, another new service they probably aren’t familiar with.

On Webmentions

I installed the Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks plugins successfully. Then I tried sending a webmention from my own site. I wasn’t able to find a webmention endpoint, though. I wonder if this is because of using a different theme. I’ve inquired in the #indieweb-wordpress chat and will await a response.

I think that’s probably enough feedback for now. :] Thanks to all the indieweb WordPress people for your work on these plugins!

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Ryan Barrett

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill

Got the webmentions sorted out. Turns out I installed but forgot to activate the plugins. Working smoothly now!

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