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Hello, 2018!

The other day Isha mentioned she missed blogging like in the old days (she means Xanga) when things didn’t have to be so structured and stuff. I miss that, too. So I opened the text editor and started typing without a preconceived topic, structure, or stuff.

I stayed in San Diego for Christmas. I think it was the first Christmas I’ve been in such a warm climate. The next warmest would probably be Arkansas. The Walkers also stayed in town so they invited me over. We watched The Office Christmas episodes while playing Monopoly and other reindeer games (I got creamed). That night we went to see The Last Jedi (third viewing for me).

I read 8 books last year. That’s down from my average of 14. The last several years I’ve given myself the goal of 30 books, which is a stretch for me. I will probably shoot for 30 again. I’m reading Jurassic Park now, which is interesting after having seen the film so many times. I’m about to start A Prayer for Owen Meany. I’ve got that new-year itch to achieve things, so getting two books done in January should be a good start.

I’m going to Baltimore in a couple weekends for IndieWebCamp Baltimore. Looking forward to seeing some of my indieweb friends again and meeting others I’ve only known online. Also excited to see the things everyone builds on their personal sites, of course.

Alright, now it’s your turn. Open your text editor and write a blog post without overthinking it. :]

P.S. I think I finally got my comment form + caching issues sorted out. If you’re so inclined, leave a comment below.

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Cora Lynn Cardoni Cora Lynn Cardoni
I loved reading the jurassic Park books. I love the movies, but the books are great.

Joseph Ashby Joseph Ashby
My Blogs don't start out that way, they just seem to end up without a preconceived topic, structure, or stuff.

Isha Isha
I also watched The Office Christmas episodes, while wrapping presents.

I’ll give this old style blogging a go this week. And write you a letter.

Gregor Morrill Gregor Morrill
Yeah, I'm really liking it. I laughed that Grant isn't uncomfortable around kids.

Cora Lynn Cardoni Cora Lynn Cardoni
Vague spoiler : different people die than in the movie which makes the sequals more interesting.

Jeeves Urquhart Jeeves Urquhart
Spoiler Alert: I just remember that Crichton seemed pissed that he had to write a sequel... which I assumed was why he replicated the T-Rex showdown, only to have it shit on the car and walk away.

Laurie Laurie
I wrote a verbal blog for 1 hour 20 minutes on the way home tonight. It was very action-y 2018 achievements. I guess it’s going to be called a journal, not a blog.

Christopher Siler Christopher Siler
I should probably try something similar. I don't remember the last time I updated my website...

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