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My #newwwyear resolution for

1) Starting today
2) I’m going to work on an improved, wider layout for photo posts and photo gallery pages
3) Before 2017-01-07

Props to @jensimmons for the motivation!

Sarah Ruth, Jen Simmons, Annie, Sam Zherka

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And by 2017-01-07, I mean 2018-01-07. #wibblywobbly #timeywimey

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Some thoughts on my #newwwyear resolution: Use the wide container class I already have to make the content area maximum 960px wide. (e.g. the top of my style guide) Apply the same wide container to the header. Put logo in left 3-4 columns and navigation links in the remaining columns. Trim down the whitespace between the header and content (but not too much; let things breathe). For resolutions < 960px wide, let photos be full-bleed. Text posts should still have some padding on the edges for readability, though.

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