Another year is wrapping up (how?!), so time for my #indieweb #newwwyear resolutions for my website.

By 2019-01-01 I would like to:

  • Update my archive pages to cover more post types, not just articles
  • Add back the next/previous article navigation. I lost those as part of updates to the footer

As a stretch goal, I would like to work on my channels more. I would like to set up one to feed into my that excludes replies to posts. I would like to start treating as my primary, external social network instead of Twitter.

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Eddie Hinkle
gRegor Morrill gRegor Morrill
While working on my archives page, I decided to upgrade it to CSS Grid. I followed this tutorial and put together this rough mockup. I'm liking it so far.

This is still for articles only. I’m thinking about if/how to link my notes. I could use a series of notepad icons, but that got me wondering what the actual use-case is. With articles the title is shown so that might catch someone’s interest while scrolling the page. Who is going to be interested in clicking one of hundreds of notepad icons on the page, though, without any additional context?