My project for today's IndieWebCamp Austin was initially to update my fork of Quill for posting read posts.

I started by getting my fork of Quill updated. As I was working through some questions about how to include the action being taken on the book (“want to read,” “currently reading,” “finished reading,” etc.), Aaron helped me realize I was working a bit backwards and should start by publishing microformats properties that indicate the status.

I updated a recent read post to include microformats property p-read-status with a value of “to-read.” I will continue experimenting with other values for that property. I am thinking “reading” for currently reading and “finished” for finished reading, but I don’t have any of those published yet.

I also added property p-read-of on the h-cite. This causes the cited work to show up as a property of the h-entry when it’s parsed, not just as a child object.

Props to Aaron for helping get me on the right track for this!


gRegor Morrill gRegor Morrill
want-to-read may be unnecessarily verbose for the machine-readable value. Maybe it should just be to-read.

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