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Webmention for ProcessWire Update

Version 2.0.0 of the Webmention for ProcessWire module is released.

Webmention is a web standard that enables conversations across the web, a powerful building block that is used for a growing federated network of comments, likes, reposts, and other rich interactions across the decentralized social web.

When you link to a website, you can send it a Webmention to notify it. If it supports Webmentions, then that website may display your post as a comment, like, or other response, and presto, you’re having a conversation from one site to another!

Updates in this version

This version now runs on ProcessWire version 3 as well as version 2! If you are running ProcessWire 3, you can install directly from the ProcessWire modules directory or by downloading this release. If you are running ProcessWire 2, you will need to download and install this release.

Note that if you previously installed this module from the modules directory on a ProcessWire 2 site, you will need to use the link above to download and install this update. The modules directory is now only delivering the ProcessWire 3 version.

  • Update to support ProcessWire 3.x
  • Update php-mf2 library to version 0.4.x
  • Improve verification of source linking to target
  • Fix delete webmention bug
  • Fix webmention author display in admin
  • Fix WebmentionList render() method

ProcessWire 2 Support

The modules directory is only delivering the ProcessWire 3 version currently because the majority of new ProcessWire installs should be version 3. However, I am not abandoning ProcessWire 2 support. I anticipate maintaining the ProcessWire 2 version of this module for at least the next year. I am still running ProcessWire 2 myself, so I’m selfdogfooding it for the near future.

Feedback and Development

If you’re using this module, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to send webmentions to this post!

If you run into any bugs or have feedback, you can file an issue on GitHub, comment here, or contact me.

This module is open source and development takes place on GitHub. The ProcessWire 2 version is now in the master-pw2 branch. The ProcessWire 3 version is in the master branch.

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