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Thanks for the questions! Here are some answers.


Sheryl starts it off with a serious question:

“Is living in California everything you thought it would be?”

It has been an interesting journey that finally got me here. My dream of living in California started way back in high school when we took a trip up the coast. That was over 20 years ago. A lot of life has happened and that dream slipped to the back of my mind. I decided in 2017 that I needed to either commit to staying in Bellingham for a while to get more rooted or try living somewhere else. That’s when I remembered the California dream.

Honestly the decision mostly came down to nicer winter weather and friends. The gray, wet winters in Bellingham were tough on me emotionally. I am pretty happy with the decision and see myself staying here for a while. I am definitely glad I chose San Diego over LA. It feels more laid back here, traffic isn’t as bad, and I get to hang out with Sarah Walker.


Isha humbly asked:

“Favorite ice cream? Top 3 places you want to visit? What do you miss the most about Indiana (aside from me)?”

Mint chocolate chip 5eva. Runner-up: Ben & Jerry’s pumpkin cheesecake.

Switzerland, Japan, and Iceland.

I miss going to concerts with friends and late night hangs at Steak 'n Shake or Denny’s.


Rachelskirts asked an important question:

“What is your favorite pun?”

A recent favorite that I keep coming back to is this tweet by Avery Edison: “Every six months, culinary engineers figure out how to double the amount of cabbage we’re able to mix with salad dressing. This is known as Moore ‘Slaw.”


Gee-FM asked:

“How many geeeeeeees does it take to get to the gee-Regor centre?”

One, two, geeeeeee. The answer is geeeeeee.


Laurie asked:

“Did you think it was awkward when Mike Meyers performed a throw back to Wayne’s World at the Oscars?”

I didn’t watch the Oscars and hadn’t heard about this until now. I just watched it and my reaction is: eh.


Finally, Jon wrote a short story:

  1. Having lived on the West Coast for several years now, do you see anything between there and Israel as flyover country now?
  2. What is your take on consummate P's? What about consummate V's?
  3. What is your favorite font type? Please do not be discouraged about choosing papyrus or comic sans. They are fun fonts. URL:
  4. What is your favorite non-governmentally recognized holiday?
  5. What is your least favorite day of the year?
  • Only Bourbonnais, IL is flyover country to me. You can thank Rob for that.
  • Heh heh, you said consummate pees.
  • I haven’t tinkered with typography in a while, but I’ll say Silkscreen because I want those tiny buttons to make a resurgence, e.g.
  • National Doughnut Day: June 7th.
  • June 8th.

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