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A 2020 Goal

I decided in late October that I want to be off Facebook by the new year. I think the company is awful for a lot of reasons. At that time, the most recent reasons were Zuck saying Facebook wouldn’t prohibit political ads with outright lies in them. They also took down some pro-vaccine ads while letting anti-vax conspiracies through. Cool. Cool cool cool.

For the last several years I have primarily used Facebook for the private groups and to share some of my blog posts. At this point there is only one private group that I will really miss. Hopefully I can help convince them to move to another platform like a private Discourse forum, though. As for blog posts, well, I think most people who want to read my stuff know where to find me.

I am starting to archive my Facebook posts on my site and delete the originals, so my Facebook timeline will dwindle. In the next week or so I will have a signup form for people who want to get weekly/monthly digest emails of my posts, photos, and whatnot. I will still occasionally need a Facebook developer account for work. I haven’t decided if I’ll use my current account for that or create a new one. Either way, I don’t intend for the account to have friends or interact.

I believe the web worked pretty well before Facebook and can continue without it. There are many good innovations social sites like Facebook have introduced, but I believe those can be implemented on the open web, giving people more control of their identity and content. That’s why I love the indieweb community.

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Jessica Calvert Jessica Calvert
I just signed up for Mewe, but I have two friends so far. Haha. My husband and a friend. I didn't do FB for about four years, except during the brief stints Juno logged in and reactivated my account. I re-upped here recently because I figured I need to have networking if I'm ever going to get this publishing company off the ground in a coupla years. But maybe I'm just bored?

Katherine Moss Katherine Moss
This is a wonderful goal, one which I wish I could share, as well. I can’t. I have friends that won’t move from #Facebook because of groups, and I have the same problem. (

Aaron Crowder Aaron Crowder
I love this goal. I’m with you, let’s all get off Facebook completely by the end of 2020!
I have a small private Facebook group that I think could be better served elsewhere, so my biggest task is going to be getting those folks all moved to something new.

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