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Weekly Roundup 2020 #1

I saw Jamie Tanna has been posting weekly notes. I like the idea so figured I would try it out. No guarantees about consistency; I’m not treating this like a NaBloPoMo challenge. :]

For the week of 2020-01-12, in no particular order:

I have been working on a passwordless login system for my site so people can sign up for an email newsletter of my posts. This is one of my prerequisites for getting off Facebook. Functionally, it is almost ready, but I got sidetracked by updating my layout a bit. I am standardizing a new page header that’s wider and a main content area that allows showing wider photos. I’ve learned some neat CSS tricks during the process. Honestly, I should just launch it instead of endlessly tweaking it.

We had our second Homebrew Website Club San Diego on Wednesday. I worked on some of this post, a Music Monday post, and my site layout described above.

This was actually a couple weeks ago, but I got connected with a therapist on BetterHelp. I’ve only tried the messaging component so far. It’s basically emailing with a therapist. It still feels like I’m in the getting started phase. I scheduled my first voice call with him for January 27th. The online messaging works well for me since that’s how I communicate so much day-to-day, but it will be good to actually talk. I find the price reasonable, too: $40–$70 per week which lets you have one voice/video call per week and as much messaging/chat as you’d like. This isn’t an ad, I promise, but if you’re looking to try out therapy, I think it’s a good option.

I booked my trip for IndieWebCamp Austin. I’m looking forward to the cool things we build and the breakfast tacos. Maybe I will finish the photo gallery I started last year. IndieWeb apparently means always having half-finished projects.

I saw Uncut Gems. It was . . . intense. It was really well done. I think I enjoyed it, but it is stressful by design. I don’t think it’s one I will see again.

I watched The F Word (What If? in the US) and I thought it was a really charming rom-com. Recommended.

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