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Hello, 2020

I saw some interesting conversations online around the end of the year about resolutions, the pressure we put ourselves under, and who we are doing that for. I am not usually big on resolutions, but I appreciated the perspective.

I liked the invitations that Hillary McBride shared. I’m quoting them here, but they’re beautifully hand-lettered, so take a look over on Instagram. The first one hit me the most; this is a recurring idea that I have been trying to work on.

“I will speak to myself like I speak to my loved ones.”
“I will eat delicious foods without criticizing myself during or afterwards.”
“I will look at my body daily and say ‘aren't you wonderful’ without conditions.”

I visited my dad in Florida for Christmas. It was a relaxing and fun week. We were supposed to be in their new house in Sebastian, but my stepmom broke her ankle around Thanksgiving so that changed some plans. We spent most of the week in Fort Lauderdale with her family. I had intended to work a day or two, but there was no wifi. It was nice to fully disconnect for a while. Dad and I went to Kennedy Space Center for a day, which was awesome.

Me and dad standing underneath Space Shuttle Atlantis in a Kennedy Space Center museum.

I was back in San Diego for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t have plans initially and was content chilling on my couch watching The Mandalorian that evening. Sarah and some other friends went out to a swanky place around 10pm and invited me. At first I really didn’t want to go. I was comfortable, I figured downtown would be wild, and I don’t love being in noisy places where you have to yell to talk to each other. I also knew it would be fun and more memorable, so I got off my butt. Downtown wasn’t as bad as I expected and the place wasn’t too noisy. It was a fun evening and John Stamos Cena was there. No joke. (Sarah misspoke and said Stamos at first.) He was with a lady in the restaurant section so we did not get to meet him or anything.

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Sheryl ?? ?, Jamie Tanna

Isha Isha
I love those “resolutions,” a lot,
I’m going to carry them with me.

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