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A Funny Thing Happened at Denny’s

Last night a friend from church texted me, explaining that he goes to Denny’s fairly often and has gotten to know this waitress. She is apparently newly single. He talked me up, showed her my picture, and gave her my number. That alone surprised me, but then there’s also the fact that she’s 25.

I am turning 41 next month.

For a moment I really questioned if he was being serious. He totally was, though. She apparently said that I’m handsome (okay, cool, thanks) and likes older guys (ahhhhhhhhhhhh).

I don’t think anyone has tried to set me up before — certainly not like this. I told him I truly appreciate the thought, but would prefer he not give out my number like that. I also told him I’m not looking to date anyone under 30.

I seriously doubt that she’ll contact me. I’m hoping so, at least, to avoid awkwardness. I was sharing this (and my shock) with Sarah as it was happening. She joked, “Let’s go to Denny’s right now!” I am pretty sure I can never go to this Denny’s, though.

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Lindsey Dunn

Lindsey Dunn Lindsey Dunn
I sometimes think I wish more friends would set me up but yeah 25 might be a bit much.

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