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A LitFam Highlight

A quick one today:

I have enjoyed meeting people in the Liturgists community through different meetups. In August, I was in Chicago for a Liturgists Singles (lovingly nicknamed LitFam) event. A common thing in the Facebook group is selfie threads. The organizers for this event put out notecards and pens for a “Draw Your Selfie” board. I was near Haiko as he sat down to draw his selfie. He pulled out his phone to take an actual selfie to draw from, so naturally I photobombed it. I joked that he should include that in his drawing... and he did.

I am not great at drawing, so I did the obvious thing when I drew my selfie:

two notecards, one with a drawing of Haiko with gRegor photobombing. The other with text 'gRegor [see Haikos selfie]'

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