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Five Things Friday

I am borrowing this post idea from San: five things I’m thinking about, enjoyed, or just wanted to share.

How have I been sleeping on Kimbra? She was featured on that Gotye song “Somebody That I Used To Know” but I had not listened to her own music until yesterday. I’m really digging it.

Elan wrote a lovely post about blogging nostalgia and all the people they met through blogging. I think it really captures some of the better things about blogging and makes a good case for having our own little space online.

“I’ve been thinking about all the people I used to know online through their blogs who I lost track of when Facebook ate so many people’s wills to create stuff on their own turf.”

— “Nostalgia Is Gross, But That’s What I’ve Got Now That I’m Blogging Every Day

A bit meta: it’s interesting what’s come out of the pressure of this NaBloPoMo challenge. Almost every day I have started the post later in the evening, often without an idea. The pressure has made it easier to just pick a thought and start writing without concern about it being perfect. I’ve been pretty pleased with the results so far.

I really liked Jill’s post about feeling our feelings.

“The only way to transform feelings IS to feel them, to become friendly with them, acknowledge and accept them. What we feel is always useful information. It can reveal if a situation or person is unsafe, help us set good boundaries, uncover the places our needs aren’t being met, make clear someone’s hidden motives, provide crucial information we need in order to react with right speech and right action.”

— “Feel Your Feelings

Ben makes a great case for starting/getting back into blogging and has some good tips in “The best way to blog in 2020.” Okay, maybe not the WordPress advice. ;]

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San San
Thanks for borrowing the idea... it's nice to share some random thoughts ;)

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