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Green Stripes

My friend Clinton invited me spur of the moment to a Green Drinks meetup tonight. I hadn’t seen him or his wife Elizabeth in a while and I didn’t have plans, so I said yes. It was great to catch up.

Back in January when I went to Israel (oh yeah, I should write about that), I met a couple from Michigan. They told me I should get connected with their friends in San Diego. We met up and hit it off really well. I realized tonight as I was explaining to someone else how we met: that was probably the farthest I have traveled to end up meeting people who live nearby.

The meetup’s topic was sustainability in fashion. I happened to be wearing a jacket that I’ve had for close to ten years, so that was appropriate. When I mentioned I was doing NaBloPoMo, Clinton said I should write about the jacket. I don’t have much to say about it other than it's green-striped, I look good in it, and I really like it. Sheryl gave it to me for my birthday in… I want to say 2010? Thanks, Sheryl!

myself wearing the green-striped jacket

Photo evidence of aforementioned green-striped-ness and looking-good-ness.

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gregorlove gregorlove
Hey @clintonfoxprojects, I wrote about the jacket. ?

mae_lane mae_lane
I love your sweater!

:water: :water:
This is the oldest blog I know about. Also, green stripes on you are better than that Blues Clues oddity of a person.

margie323 margie323
???? Good job! Good Sweater!

ronniethebearofficial ronniethebearofficial
Hot and a great writer!

mae_lane mae_lane
I love your sweater!

mae_lane mae_lane
I love your sweater!

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