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I saw this prompt that I thought would be interesting to write about:

“there’s only ONE MONTH left in the decade. what have you accomplished?” — @stfutony

I saw some impressive accomplishments, but Katherine’s response made me stop and think:

“I’m pretty close to disconnecting my self worth with things I’ve ‘accomplished.’” — @purekatherine

I appreciated this reminder to consider how I view myself in relation to things I have(n’t) accomplished. We really are steeped in a culture that tells us our self-worth is heavily dependent upon our accomplishments. The message is the more we can produce, the more value we have. I think it takes proactive work to push back against this and find a healthy relationship with ourselves.

I think there are healthy ways to be proud of our accomplishments, of course. I am not here to judge anyone’s response to that prompt. I will say that some of my favorite responses highlighted our basic humanity, like “I survived severe depression,” “became a kinder person,” and “made friends.”

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Really tough task!

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