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Announcing Homebrew Website Club San Diego

Next year, Joe Crawford and I are planning to co-organize IndieWeb meetups in San Diego. These are typically called Homebrew Website Club. It’s a 1–2 hour meetup to discuss, demo, and work on our personal websites. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to reclaim their web experience from social media silos and own their online content and identity. If you don’t have a personal site yet but want one, this can be a great community to help you get started! All types of creative people are welcome and you do not need to be a developer.

We are having an initial, soft launch meetup December 11, 2019 6–8pm at Subterranean Coffee in North Park. There are more details and RSVP available on the event page.

If you’re interested but not near San Diego, you may still be in luck. There are meetups in several cities around the world: Austin, Brighton, NYC, London, and San Francisco. Many others are getting started or have occasional pop-up meetings. Find out more on the wiki. It is also pretty easy to start up your own meetup; it just takes two people and a cafe!

Edit: added Joe Crawford as co-organizer.

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